RCSN member profile - Mick Faulkner

Author: | Date: 30 Jun 2016

Mick Faulkner presenting at a GRDC Technical Workshop on septoria tritici blotch

MRZ RCSN member Mick Faulkner speaking at a GRDC Technical Workshop on septoria tritici blotch earlier this year.

There are two primary reasons for Mick Faulkner’s involvement with the GRDC’s medium-rainfall zone (MRZ) Regional Cropping Solutions Network (RCSN).

“Firstly, it is to communicate the needs of the MRZ and make sure they are involved at the highest level of the GRDC’s discussions,” Mick says.

“Secondly, it is to ensure the complexities of the MRZ are well-understood.”

Mick is principal consultant at Agrilink Agricultural Consultants, based at Penwortham in South Australia’s Mid North.

He says the complexities of the MRZ make it unique in the southern cropping region.

“In one year the MRZ can be high-rainfall and the next year it can be low-rainfall,” Mick says.

“There is no single issue like weeds or nutrition which totally consumes the MRZ, but rather it is the complexity of many issues. The way those issues interact in a business environment is most important.

“The MRZ includes farming systems ranging from intensive cropping to mixed farms where livestock are extremely important.

“They are highly complex businesses and there is no one small technical area you could pigeonhole. One of the reasons I’m on the RCSN is to ensure those systems are understood and researched.”

Mick has a great passion for grains research. Prior to the establishment of Agrilink he worked in nutrition research and has continued to have a strong focus on research and adoption techniques throughout his career.

“Throughout the years we’ve been working hard on canopy management, nitrogen, soil water, time of sowing and plant growth regulators, to name a few,” Mick says.

“The adoption of research in a complex environment is very important. We are actively involved in research and it is critical to bring that to the table and help growers understand how to interpret research and further the pathway to adoption.”


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