Opportunities for grains profit to be explored at Ouyen

Author: Sharon Watt | Date: 09 Mar 2017

GRDC Southern Regional Panel chair Keith Pengilley (left) with Simon Vogt, of Rural Directions, who will be delivering the GRDC Opportunity for Profit workshop at Ouyen on March 23.

Growers in Victoria’s Mallee region are about to be given an insight into what makes the top performing grain-growing businesses in southern Australia so successful.

According to research funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), the top 20 percent of grain businesses are retaining 30 pc of turnover as net profit, while the average business is retaining closer to 10 pc.

So what are these top businesses doing differently to achieve this? A GRDC ‘Opportunity for Profit’ workshop at Ouyen on March 23 will offer the answers and enable local growers to better understand the profit drivers in their own businesses.

The half day workshop will delve into the results from the GRDC-funded three-year national project RDP00013, The integration of profit drivers and technical information for more informed decisions.

The project was led by Rural Directions Pty Ltd in the southern region, in association with Meridian Agriculture and Macquarie Franklin.

Project leader Simon Vogt, of Rural Directions, says the research has benchmarked more than 300 grain businesses nationally to identify what drives profit in each agro-ecological zone and how the provision of technical information links with these profit drivers.

This insightful information will be explored in detail at the Ouyen workshop, by the end of which Mr Vogt (who is delivering the workshop) says participants will be well placed to identify opportunities for profit within their individual businesses.

“They will go away with an enhanced understanding of the performance of the top 20 pc growers in their region and will also be able to identify the management traits of a top 20 pc grower,” he says.

“They will have built their knowledge around the profit drivers that really make a difference in a grain business and will have access to diagnostic tools and processes to easily assess their own business performance.”

Registration for the event is essential. To register or for more information, please phone 08 8841 4500, email admin@ruraldirections.com or visit www.ruraldirections.com/events.

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