Southern weed warriors under the spotlight this harvest

Date: 15 Oct 2012

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Great Southern farmers doing ‘interesting things out the back of their headers’ to tackle weed seeds will be put under the research spotlight this harvest.

Through its Regional Cropping Solutions (RCS) initiative, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is supporting the production of case studies of Albany port zone growers who are using low cost, innovative methods of weed seed collection or destruction.

“The project, led by the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) and Southern DIRT, will summarise techniques and their effectiveness in a case study booklet, and hopefully lead to harvest weed seed control workshops in the region,” RCS co-ordinator Julianne Hill said.

Alex Douglas sitting next to Jane Kowald looking at iPad

Alex Douglas, of DAFWA, left, and Jane Kowald, of Southern DIRT, plan the harvest weed seed control project.

“While excellent harvest weed seed control case studies have already been conducted in Western Australia’s northern and central grainbelt, less is known about effective methods used by growers in southern areas, where seasonal conditions are unique.”

The booklet is expected to be completed and available to farmers, researchers and other industry representatives before the 2013-14 harvest.

More information about the RCS initiative and its networks can be found at

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