Don't miss out on free paddock diary

Author: Natalie Lee | Date: 21 Dec 2012

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The 2013 Ground Cover Paddock Diary, from the Grains Research and Development Corporation, provides plenty of useful information for growers and several paddock recording pages including:

  • Paddock lists;
  • Paddock operations and observations;
  • Pests, diseases, weeds;
  • How will you spray this year;
  • Water use efficiency (WUE);
  • Planting rate;
  • Rainfall records.

Growers now need to order their copies of the Ground Cover Paddock Diary, as the GRDC will no longer be direct mailing it to all growers, as has been done in the past.

To avoid missing out, growers are urged to place orders soon for the free-of-charge diary.

Refunds will be provided to anyone who has already paid postage and handling.

To order the diary use the order code GRDC780 and contact free phone 1800 11 00 44 or


GRDC Project Code WDM00009

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