Guide can help maximise spray program returns

Author: Natalie Lee | Date: 13 Apr 2015

Grain growers are keenly interested in adjuvants that can be added to spray solutions on-farm to help them get the most out of dollars spent on spraying programs.

Adjuvants are materials that, when added to spray solutions, enhance or modify the action of a pesticide.

In recent years, the major growth area in the use of adjuvants has been with herbicides, as there is an economic incentive for growers to optimise the effectiveness of the more expensive herbicides under a wide range of conditions.

But there is limited and sometimes outdated understanding of how to get the most out of the right adjuvants for different spraying jobs.

A revised edition of a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) publication aims to help equip consultants, agronomists and growers with a greater understanding of adjuvant attributes and their properties.

Adjuvants – Oils, surfactants and other additives for farm chemicals includes easy-to-follow charts, tables and tools, a Q&A section and a glossary of technical terms.

Compiled by agricultural consultant Andrew Somervaille, with assistance from other specialists, Adjuvants – Oils, surfactants and other additives for farm chemicals can be downloaded from the GRDC website.

Hard copies are available from Ground Cover Direct, free phone 1800 11 00 44 or via email. While the manual is free, a postage and handling charge of $10 applies. When ordering, please quote order number GRDC267.


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