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Harvest is well and truly underway throughout the State. I hope it is progressing well at your place and I look forward to seeing some of you around the traps soon.

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  • RCSN Newsletter WA Issue 28

    It is the time of year for implementing harvest weed seed control (HWSC) tactics, and I encourage those of you interested in implementing or refining your strategies for future seasons to look at two recently published GRDC publications compiled by Planfarm.

    You can contact me for news and information about the western region - Julianne Hill: 0447 261 607, email, or Twitter.

‘Investigating the harvest weed seed control tools chaff lining and chaff tramlining (chaff deck) in the Esperance area’ and ‘Investigating harvest weed seed control tools in low biomass crops in the Kwinana East Zone’ are available on the GRDC website and the WA RCSN website, and were instigated following demand from RCSN groups

For those of you unable to attend the GRDC RCSN Open Forums held in the WA grain belt earlier this year, and interested to find out the issues raised, I encourage you to go to the WA GRDC RCSN website to look at summaries for each of the five RCSN zones.

All issues raised at the Open Forums will continue to be tracked by the RCSN groups and have been forwarded to the GRDC, which will feed a number of the issues into existing or future initiatives.

Issue 28 | November 2018

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