Frost Damaged Crop Salvage Options and Seed Retention

Host: | Date: 21 Nov 2018

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    GRDC Podcast: Frost Damaged Crop Salvage Options and Seed Retention

    In this podcast WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development research officer and Frost specialist, Dr Ben Biddulph, discusses salvage and harvest options for frost-affected cereal crops as well as what to consider if you intend holding onto seed from a frost affected crop. On the day Ben Biddulph was at DPIRDs Frost evaluation trial site at Dale about 100km east of Perth.

    Date: 21 Nov 2018

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    Watch our frost playlist which includes segments about the emotional cost of frost and managing the effects of frost.

Further information

Dr Ben Biddulph
DPIRD Grains Directorate
3 Baron-Hay Court,  South Perth,  WA  6151
0428 920 654

A range of resources to help growers identify and manage frosted crops are available on the GRDC website:

GRDC Project code: DAW00244; DWA00243; DWA00242; DWA00236