Spray drift action group

Host: | Date: 09 Jan 2019

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    GRDC Podcast: Spray drift action group

    It started with a group of caring individuals, sausage sangers and beers. A community in western NSW has formed a group called 'Stop Off-target Spraying' and is looking to have a positive impact on spray drift incidences in the region.

    Date: 09 Jan 2019

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There’s increasing awareness of the damage off-target spraying, or spray drift, can do to your own crops and those of your neighbours, sometimes many, many kilometers away.
A community in western NSW has decided to act and the steps they’ve taken appear to have had a positive impact on the numbers of spray drift incidences.
Called SOS Macquarie, the Stop Off-target Spraying action group has as one of its conveners the Grain Orana Alliance manager Maurie Street.
In this podcast Maurie explains why and how the group got started and what outcomes they want to achieve.

Further information:
Maurie Street
Chief Executive Office, Grain Orana Alliance
0400 066 201
email: maurie.street@grainorana.com.au