Australian Government: Grains Research and Development CororationGRDC Annual Report 2005-2006

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Appendix 4: Portfolio monitoring and reviews

'Portfolio monitoring' is a broad term that covers a range of activities undertaken by the GRDC to ensure that individual projects achieve their objectives and scheduled milestones, and that the R&D portfolio as a whole continues to address industry and government stakeholder priorities. The portfolio in 2005-06 included around one thousand projects, at various stages of development, spread across four output groups.

The portfolio monitoring system includes internal guidelines and/or procedures for:

At the project level, portfolio monitoring involves an annual assessment of each project, by way of an annual progress report that identifies progress against the aims and milestones of the project. Satisfactory progress reports must be submitted to the corporation before further payments are made to research providers.

Other GRDC portfolio monitoring activities in 2005-06 included:

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