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Appendix 5: Portfolio monitoring and reviews

The GRDC has a large number of publications and information products, in print, tape and electronic formats. Many hard copy products are provided for free (stocks of some free publications are limited), while others are sold to fully or partially recover the costs of publication. There are some publications which are available only in electronic format and can be found on the GRDC's website, GrainZone, at

GrainZone also provides a catalogue of GRDC publications and an online bookshop. On average, GrainZone's home page received between 6,500 and 8,000 page views per month in 2005-06. The bookshop received approximately 1,600 page views per month.

Most of the GRDC's 2005-06 reports and publications are publicly available. Key publications released in 2005-06 are listed below.

Publications available to the public free of charge
Back Pocket Guides-
Identification guides for graingrowers
Slugs in Crops
Corporate publications GRDC Annual Report 2006-07 GRDC Annual Operational Plan 2005-06
Farmer Advice Sheets-
Information for graingrowers

Resistant varieties vital to rust management

Managing Frost, Minimising Damage

Ground Cover-
The grains industry research newspaper

Six issues and supplements:

  • 57-Grain Storage
  • 58-Precision Agriculture
  • 59-Nutrient Management
  • 60-Farm Safety
  • 61-Subsoil Constraints
  • 62-Pastures
Reviews of research Northern Grain Production: A farming systems approach
Tools for graingrowers Paddock Diary 2006
Update Newsletters-
Information for technical advisers

Issues 28, 29, 30 and 31, for the northern region

Issues 38, 39 and 40, for the southern region

Publications available for sale to the public

Adjuvants: Oils, surfactants and other additives for farm chemicals

Cereal Growth Stages: The link to crop management

Raised Bed Farming in Western Australia

Managing Grey Clays to Maximise Production and Sustainability- Western Australia

CDs Raised Bed Farming 2006 National Farm Trials Manual (GRIST) Precision Agriculture Manual
Educational resources for children The Wheat Book
Reviews of research Australian Grain Yearbook 2006
Software Lime and Nutrient Balance, version 1.2 (including CD)
Ute Guides-
Identification tools for graingrowers
Maize Disorders Sorghum Disorders

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