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Single Vision Grains Australia

As stated in last year's annual report, following approaches from industry, the GRDC Board agreed at Grains Week 2005 to facilitate the establishment of Single Vision Grains Australia (SVGA) for a period of two years at a cost of up to $1 million per year.

The implementation of SVGA commenced in July 2005 with the appointment of the Interim Board (shown in Table 6). Selwyn Snell was appointed by the Interim Board as Chief Executive Officer in September 2005. SVGA also appointed Matt Kealley as a Business Development Manager and Michelle Fairbrother as Executive Assistant (a part-time position).

In line with industry recommendations, the Interim Board is independent of the GRDC and any other industry organisation. SVGA is not a separate legal entity, but exists through a series of agreements with consultants.

The Interim Board is expected to address various industry-wide issues that were identified by R&D task forces in 2005. By August 2006 the Interim Board had commenced five projects:

During the first half of 2006 SVGA conducted a review of wheat export marketing arrangements. In June 2006 SVGA released its report, Towards a Single Vision for Australian Grain Marketing. The report evaluated four models of wheat export marketing advanced by industry, with the aim of clarifying the issues and providing a platform for informed decision-making.

A key role for the Interim Board is to seek cross-industry support for SVGA's ongoing operation, and to advise on what form SVGA should take, after the two-year establishment period. The ultimate goal is to create support for a pan-industry body to address common issues facing the grains industry.

In August and September 2006 the GRDC will conduct a review of SVGA performance in its first 12 months, as envisaged when SVGA was established.

Table 6 Single Vision Grains Australia Interim Board as at 30 June 2006
Position Occupant Industry enterprise
Chair Murray Rogers Grain marketing, value chain logistics, consumer marketing and food manufacturing
Director Christine Hawkins Finance, corporate structures, industry strategy and restructuring
Director Grant Latta Food manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, corporate governance
Director Ian MacKinnon Grain production
Director Philip Young Grain production, plant breeding and international consultancy (also a member of the GRDC Board)

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