Expressions of Interest to Breed Milling Oats and Hay Oats in Australia

AgriFutures Australia (AgriFutures), on behalf of itself, Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) (together referred to as the Partners) are calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from the commercial sector to continue the National Oats Breeding Program and develop both milling and hay oats varieties for Australian growers.

AgriFutures is managing the EOI process on behalf of the Partners.

The successful applicant will be determined through a two-step process.

  • Stage 1: Submission of Expressions of Interest which must address all the Stage 1 Selection Criteria.

Up to five applications will be selected to proceed to Stage 2.

  • Stage 2: Shortlisted applications will be invited to present detailed proposals which must address all the Stage 2 Selection Criteria.

The announcement invites submissions only for Stage 1.

Stage 1 of this expression of interest closes on Tuesday, 19 May 2020 at 5.00pm AEST

Registration of Interest and Confidentiality

1. Interested parties wishing to obtain access to the EOI Information Pack are required to register (in writing) by contacting the Approach to Market Manager Lucinda Staley Upon registration potential applicants will be provided with the EOI Information Pack .

2. Interested parties who register will be deemed to have agreed to:

  • a. Treat the information contained in the EOI Information Pack as confidential
  • b. Not use the information contained in the EOI Information Pack other than for the purposes of preparing an EOI application and in subsequent discussions with AgriFutures Australia
  • c. Not disclose the information contained in the EOI Information Pack to third-parties without prior written approval of AgriFutures Australia
  • d. Return or destroy materials containing the information in the EOI Information Pack upon request by AgriFutures Australia.

3. A party is not required to keep information contained in the EOI Information Pack confidential to the extent that information

  • e. Is or becomes publicly available (other than as a result of a breach of these terms)
  • f. Is developed independent of (and without reference to) the other party; org. is required to be used or disclosed to comply with any law (including the Freedom of Information Act 1982).

All general enquiries, questions will be de-identified and the answers published on this webpage. An applicant briefing will be held via teleconference on Friday, 17 April 2020 at 10.00AM – 11.00AM (AEST). Details will be provided upon registration with the Approach to Market Manager and participation in the teleconference will be at the applicants own cost.

Timeline (indicative)

  • Stage 1 Applications Open: Wednesday, 8 April 2020
  • Stage 1 Applicant teleconference briefing: Friday, 17 April 2020
  • Stage 1 Applications Close: Tuesday, 19 May 2020
  • Stage 1 Applicants notified and Stage 2 submissions invited: Tuesday, 16 June 2020
  • Virtual Data Room opens to shortlisted Stage 2 applicants: Tuesday, 16 June 2020
  • Stage 2 Applications and Virtual Data Room Close: Tuesday, 28 July 2020
  • Stage 2 Applicants notified: Friday, 4 September 2020
  • Technical and commercial negotiations finalised: by December 2020