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Project Specification Questions and Answers
Progress Report Questions and Answers 
Final Report Questions and Answers
Scientific Report Questions and Answers
General Forms Questions and Answers

Project Specification Questions and Answers No questions received to date

Progress Report Questions and Answers

Section 8: Outcomes and Section 9: Milestones: (Last updated 9 February 2009)
Q1: Achievement prior to this report - is this for the whole earlier period of the project or just the 12 months prior to that period covered by this report. 
A1: This field applies to the whole earlier period prior to the report. 

Q2: Expected achievements for the next 12 month period - do I fill this in for the next 6 months as my project finishes in June. 
A2: Yes, but you should explain what achievements will be expected for the remaining period of the project

Section 10: Delivery Activity/Output (Last updated 9 February 2009)
Q1: What happens if there are more than 4 items to be reported on here.
A1: Additional Delivery Activities should be reported in the Additional Page section of the report (Section 15) 

Section 17: Scientific report for public release (Last updated 9 February 2009) Q1: How do I know whether or not I need to complete this section?
A1: As part of the GRDC form upgrades applicants are now asked to determine during the Project Specification development and negotiation period to determine whether a scientific report will need to be submitted during the Progress Report round(s) of the proposed investment. This information is expected to transfer across to Progress Reports if it has been agreed that a report(s) are required. During the interim period (i.e. for current projects) as this was not previously a requirement, you and/or your organisation will need to contact your relevant GRDC Program Manager to determine whether a scientific report will need to be completed during the Progress Report process.

Final Report Questions and Answers No questions received to date

Scientific Report Questions and Answers No questions received to date

General Forms Questions and Answers 

GRDC  have received questions relating to definitions on non-GRDC contributions, which are presented below: 

Additional for Host Agency Provide detail of additional investment capital from the host organisation which is dedicated to the aim of this proposal. Quantify contributions if feasible, otherwise document in the notes on Non-GRDC Investments section. Where an applications submitted by one agency on behalf of a consortium of research organisation, each with individual budget requests, it will be the responsibility of the host Organisation to complete this section.

Additional from other sources
Provide details of additional investment from other sources which is dedicated to the aims of this proposal.

On-going Base (if applicable) This item is only applicable where GRDC investment would build on or accelerate existing or planned research. A clear distinction is required between the additional investment capital identified in section dealing with other non-GRDC investments, on ongoing investment capital, which would continue in the absence of GRDC investment. If applicable, the source and scale of on-going investment capital should be amplified, and the argument of GRDC supplementary investment expounded in the General Notes. Any impact on equity sharing arrangements should be spelt out in the Equity section.

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