VFF00006 - Research Advisory Committee - Victoria

Project Summary

Project Start Date
21 February 2011
Project End Date
16 December 2011
Supervisor Name
Tanya Pittard
Victorian Farmers Federation
South, North

To provide two-way flow of information on current farming issues between grain growers and the GRDC.

The project has been running in some form since 2002. Up to 200 farmers each year interact with GRDC via the Victorian Research Advisory Committee meetings organised by the VFF Grains Group.

GRDC is invited to attend each Victorian RAC meeting to present updates on research and to receive first-hand feedback on pressing issues. A Priority Issues Paper is provided to GRDC subsequent to each meeting.

The input from the Victorian RACs feeds into the formation of some fact sheets and may potentially lead to new projects being conducted. They also alert GRDC to where growers feel improvements could be made.

Growers and GRDC are more informed of the work being done and that needs to be done.

Published Date
28 November 2016

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