VIT00001 - Juncea canola development for Australia

Project Summary

Project Start Date
1 July 2011
Project End Date
30 June 2014
Supervisor Name
Wayne Burton
South, West

This project seeks to further the development of quality herbicide-tolerant and hyrbid canola Brassica juncea (juncea canola) cultivars adapted to low-rainfall environments in Australia. The availability of herbicide-tolerant and hybrid juncea canola will significantly increase the area over which juncea canola could be grown and the adoption of the crop in Australia.

This project will build on past investment by Agriculture Victoria Services and Vic DPI, Viterra and GRDC. It would see the release of a second generation of herbicide-tolerant juncea canola cultivars and the introduction of hyrbrid juncea canola for Australian growers.


Published Date
28 November 2016

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