DAW00237 - Lupin Breeding for Australia

Project Summary

Project Start Date
30 June 2014
Project End Date
30 June 2016
Supervisor Name
Jon Clements
Western Australian Agriculture Authority (WAAA)
New narrow-leafed lupin varieties will be developed through a flexible breeding program incorporating a broad genetic base equipped to respond to the changing needs of growers and to new opportunities provided by market research and product development. Breeding will continue for major lupin producing environments in Western Australia as well as including novel crossing for supply and evaluation of appropriate material in key environments in eastern Australia. Strong linkages will be maintained with pre-breeding and agronomy in DAFWA, CSIRO and UWA, food research at various Australian universities, while national end-use and market signals from Australian industry organisations will be used to steer inclusion of genetic traits in the program where appropriate. New germplasm will be identified and sourced through research collaboration and commercial partnerships nationally and internationally.
Published Date
20 August 2015

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