GCS10752 - Conference Sponsorship - BCG Grains Research Expo

Project Summary

Project Start Date
7 February 2014
Project End Date
7 March 2014
Supervisor Name
Ciara Cullen
The BCG Grains Research Expo is staged to give grain growers, researchers, farm consultants and other agricultural product and service providers a platform to engage with and learn from one another. Farmers take home messages and ideas that can be used to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their farm enterprise. The event features concurrent presentations focused on agronomic and farm business management topics. Almost 100 industry service providers also attend the event annually to showcase their latest products and services through exhibition booths. The BCG Grains Research Expo is an event that is well regarded for its capacity to encourage farmer-to-farmer learning, the dissemination of agricutlural research findings, a technical hub showcasing the latests apps and electronic communications and hands-on demonstrations. The Grains Research Expo is renowned for utilising grain growers time efficiently by having a plethora of information on hand on one day, in one place.
Published Date
20 August 2015

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