IDA10784 - IDA - BCG - Grower study tour of WA Northern Agricultural Region focused on management of resistant wild radish

Project Summary

Project Start Date
8 November 2014
Project End Date
15 August 2014
Supervisor Name
Justine Severin
Birchip Cropping Group
Herbicide resistance poses a very real threat to the productivity of Wimmera and Victorian Mallee farmland. In the Western Australia Northern Agricultural Region herbicide resistant wild radish has been extremely detrimental to the productivity and profitability of grain growing enterprises, and the lessons learned there should be understood and heeded to avoid a similar situation developing in GRDC's southern region. Allowing key Victorian growers, who are already suffering the early effects of herbicide resistant wild radish, to witness first-hand the consequences of its spread in WA is a very powerful way to motivate practice change and ensure the sustainability of the industry.
Published Date
20 August 2015

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