UA00164 - SAGI-STH: Southern regional node of Statistics for the Australian Grains Industry (SAGI)

Project Summary

Project Start Date
7 June 2017
Project End Date
30 June 2021
Supervisor Name
Olena Kravchuk
The University of Adelaide

The GRDC is responsible for delivering improvement, profitability and sustainability to the Australia grains industry through its Research, Development and Extensions portfolio. An integral part of this delivery mechanism is disseminating accurate research outcomes from GRDC contracted projects to Australian grain growers and the wider community. In a broad selection of projects the efficacy of these outcomes largely relies on the appropriate conduction of comparative experiments. This conduct can only be achieved through the incorporation of a sound statistical framework for planning, design, execution, analysis and reporting of comparative experiments.

The Statistics for the Australian Grains Industry (SAGI)-STH project will be the southern arm or node of the foundational GRDC initiative SAGI. The project will increase the statistical capacity in the southern growing region of Australia with an objective of strengthening research outcomes of regional and national based GRDC funded projects. These objectives will include statistical training and support for regional agronomists and suppliers working on 1- 3 year Southern Regional Cropping Solutions Network GRDC projects as well as training, mentoring and statistical collaborative research with 3-8 year an 8+ year GRDC contracted researchers. The SAGI-STH project will also be closely linked to other SAGI nodes (Western and Northern) and to the SAGI National hub through training and research initiatives as well as collaborative projects.

By strengthening the adoption of approropriate statistical methods and increasing statistical literacy across the 1-3/3-8/8+ year GRDC project investment portfiolio, SAGI-STH will achieve targeted GRDC outputs

  1. By June 2021, all GRDC products and services are produced using statistically valid information arising from the appropriate conduct of comparative experiments
  2. GRDC maximising grower return on research and development investment by ensuring that by June 2021 all 3-8 and 8+ year projects have collaborative SAGI input for design, analysis and interpretation of their comparative experiments and are delivering high quality unambiguous research outcomes.
Published Date
16 March 2018

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