US00084 - Innovative crop weed control for northern region cropping systems

Project Summary

Project Start Date
18 March 2017
Project End Date
30 June 2021
Supervisor Name
Michael Walsh
University of Sydney

The overall objective for this project is the development of weed management techniques and strategies that allow the mitigation and avoidance of problems associated with the widespread occurrence of herbicide resistance in northern region cropping weeds. Initially a region wide survey will establish the extent of herbicide resistance in the dominant weed species of northern region winter (annual ryegrass, wild oat, sowthistle, african turnip weed, wild mustard and fleabane) and summer (barnyard grass, feathertop Rhodes grass, fleabane, liverseed grass and windmill grass) cropping systems.

This survey will also identify the occurrence and in-crop population densities of these weed species across the region. Subsequently work in the five key areas of

  1. herbicide innovation,
  2. crop competition,
  3. strategic weed control,
  4. investigative weed biology, and
  5. engineering weed control solutions will be directed by this initial major survey.

Herbicide innovation will focus on the development of new and alternate herbicidal weed control techniques. The impact of more competitive summer and winter crops on the efficacy of weed management programs will be identified. As a potential strategic approach to weed control, cover crops and mulches will be evaluated for their ability to inhibit or suppress weed populations.

The aim of investigative weed biology will be to examine the biology of problematic weed species towards identifying weaknesses that can be targeted with current or new control techniques. Engineering weed control solutions will investigate alternate approaches to weed control and then develop new weed control tools for use in large-scale crop production systems. The lead investigators in from each of the five programs will develop an outreach program for the dissemination of weed control developments throughout the northern region specifically and but also nationally where relevant.

Published Date
24 October 2016

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