USA00017 - Building capacity in stored grain facilities research at UniSA

Project Summary

Project Start Date
1 June 2015
Project End Date
31 December 2018
Supervisor Name
John Fielke
University of South Australia

The GRDC and the grains industry have a need to develop a stored grains facilities research concentration to support the Australian grain producers into the future. The University of South Australia will undertake engineering research to improve stored grain facilities and associated technologies. This work will use engineering design and simulation to improve aeration, dehydration and fumigation in grain storage facilities.

The outcomes will be improved equipment, technology and methods to provide optimum storage conditions to preserve grain quality and better pest control. Engineering has much to offer in the improved control of temperature and moisture movement to achieve optimal grain storage conditions. Engineering research will be undertaken to improve: aeration controllers, air movement equipment and storage design, de-humidifying and cleaning of air before it enters a stored grain facility.

The work will also target enhancing the efficacy and safety in the use of current and future pesticide treatments. This pesticide work is particularly important as insects detrimental to stored grain quality are now becoming resistant to the common pesticides and more precise and expensive treatments are being required.

Published Date
24 October 2016

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