USQ00018 - Stubble and weed borne pathogens in winter cereals and pulses in the northern region

Project Summary

Project Start Date
15 July 2015
Project End Date
15 November 2015
Supervisor Name
Stephen Neate
University of Southern Queensland

This project will deliver a comprehensive report on current knowledge of potential stubble and weedborne pathogen causes of yield loss (both fungal and nematode) in reduced tillage (including zero-till) systems in winter cereals and pulses in the northern region. The report will also identify gaps in knowledge about the most efficient ways of controlling those potential biological causes of yield loss and provide recommendations on research and extension approaches to address the issues.

Sources of information for compiling the report will include National and International scientific published literature on diseases in reduced tillage systems, abstracts and papers from previous national and international workshops on diseases in reduced tillage systems, interviews with agronomists and pathologists involved in research in reduced tillage systems, scientists from grower research groups, and reduced tillage farmer groups.

Published Date
24 October 2016

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