USQ00022 - Future Farm - Agricultural Automation and Robotic Management - Theme 3 - Intelligent Infrastructure

Project Summary

Project Start Date
1 November 2015
Project End Date
31 December 2016
Supervisor Name
Craig Baillie
University of Southern Queensland

Today's farmers are faced with a large array of technologies that make it possible to measure and analyse the production environment with unprecedented precision and accuracy using new sensor, control and platform technologies. However, with input costs continuing to increase, labour costs rising, and with a greater awareness for farm sustainability, farmers need to better target their resources and look towards further advances on the farm. These advances will be in the form of automation of these technologies, and the development of automation standards, to bring about intelligent farm infrastructure.

Automation and robotics combined with adaptive and intelligent sensing and decision systems will support growers by increasing the precision of crop management. This means that the right management strategy can be implemented in the right place, at the right time. In addition, the development of new technologies which can extract improvements from more exact management of farming inputs will effectively lever and enhance past developments and improvements of cropping systems.

Multi-national machinery manufacturers have developed a number of incubated autonomous, agricultural technologies with near commercial potential. Australia is a significant part of their incubation programs and is considered to be 10-15 years in front of North America and Europe in both development and practical application of precision agriculture technologies.

To date Australia is perceived to be too small as a market to advance these technologies. This project will provide a significant value proposition for multi-national machinery corporations to invest in Australia to develop new autonomous platforms.

Published Date
24 October 2016

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