DAN00108 - National Brassica Germplasm Improvement Program (1.4.5 PROJECT 1)

Project Summary

Project Start Date
8 February 2018
Project End Date
30 June 2018
Supervisor Name
John Sykes
NSW Department of Industry
South, West

The aim of this collaborative NSW DPI and Vic DPI project is to 'equally and fairly' provide advanced germplasm containing important new or improved traits to all Australian private canola breeding companies to ensure that Australian growers have cultivars that allow them to compete effectively on world markets.

The germplasm will be either unencumbered or come with freedom to operate if there is third party IP involved.

The germplasm will be provided in an Australian adapted background with good quality and blackleg resistance in the most cost- and time-efficient manner.

Twice-yearly meetings of a 'Canola Breeders Group' will regularly assess priorities and progress. For each key trait being developed, there will be key decision points at which progress is assessed and decisions are made to continue, change direction or stop. Milestones will be presented to GRDC in two-year segments to allow these changes to be readily incorporated.


Published Date
16 March 2018

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