CWF00022 - CWFS Research Innovation Hub - Central West NSW

Project Summary

Project Start Date
25 June 2017
Project End Date
31 December 2017
Supervisor Name
Diana Parsons
Central West Farming Systems
CWFS is a not for profit grower-driven organisation aimed at improving the profitability of farmers through RD&E. In 2014, CWFS commenced RD&E activities at the Lachlan Irrigation Research Station Reserve, which is 120ha in area with an irrigation licence of 1226 ML. CWFS has funded significant redevelopment of the site. The CWFS Research Innovation Hub has provided the opportunity to expand grains research and facilitated partnerships with metropolitan and regional universities (and students/entrepreneurs), researchers, government organisations, and farmers. There had been an unmet demand for a facility where research organisations can conduct irrigated and rainfed grains research. In the first year of full operation, the site had about 7000 cereal and oilseed yield plots from a range of organisations including CWFS, CSIRO, NSWDPI and breeding companies. The site has hosted a number of field days and extension activities, including GRDC Southern Panel visit and featured in Groundcover magazine; although these have been limited by the lack of amenities. The site will be hosting ex-Governor General Maj. Gen. Michael Jefferies in June. As the site is developed, there is increasing demand for practical on-site facilities (including laboratory, amenities, and a multipurpose area for processing and extension activities). This is being developed as a longterm site for grains research, and will be freely available to all research organisations on a cost-recovery basis.
Published Date
14 February 2018

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