GAD91755 - Baker Ag Advantage Grower Trip to WA

Project Summary

Project Start Date
1 August 2017
Project End Date
31 August 2017
Supervisor Name
Amy Smith
Baker Ag Advantage Pty Ltd
The grower tour to Western Australia will investigate research outcomes addressed by GRDC, specifically focusing on: Farming Systems- implementing controlled traffic farming and increased profitability Soil- managing sub soil constraints - improving sowing system technologies for no-till cropping Weeds- development of weed control technologies and management of herbicide resistance Through a carefully planned itinerary, with visits to such stake holders as Peter Newman (Australian Herbicide Resistance Institute, Perth), Trevor Syme (Grower, Bolagrt), Ben Hobley (Grower, Nyabing) and Mark Wandel (Grower, Esperance), growers will directly witness the practicalities of implementing the latest research findings. This visit will allow earlier adoption of technologies, which otherwise would not have occurred without first hand experiences of farming practices.
Published Date
14 February 2018

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