GRS11000 - Frost temperature dynamics and rapid post event identification of damage to broadacre cereals

Project Summary

Project Start Date
1 November 2017
Project End Date
5 October 2018
Supervisor Name
Nik Callow
University of Western Australia
Frost that occurs during the reproductive stage of cereal growth cost growers millions of dollars in lost yield. The annual average cost across the Australian Wheatbelt is estimated to be $360 million dollars. There is also the hidden cost of management strategies such as delayed sowing and planting more tolerant but less profitable crops. The aim of the project is to better understand frost temperature dynamics and whether ground and drone-based thermal imagery can be used to map post-frost damage. This will give industry and growers an improved understanding of how they can optimally apply in-paddock temperature monitoring and how to use emerging technologies such as drones and thermal mapping.
Published Date
14 February 2018

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