UHS11003 - A genome-wide association study of key agronomic and nutritional traits in the CIMMYT wheat zinc diversity panel

Project Summary

Project Start Date
24 July 2017
Project End Date
31 May 2018
Supervisor Name
James Stangoulis
Flinders University
Around 50% of the cropping soils in Australia are zinc (Zn) deficient and this reduces crop yields. Breeding for higher levels of Zn in the wheat grain would help to maintain crop yields on Zn deficient soils. Genetic markers for improved Zn nutrition in grains will be identified from a new wheat zinc diversity panel from CIMMYT, Mexico. The relationship between plant development and grain Zn will be explored using genome-wide association mapping. The cropping industry will benefit by having varieties of wheat with the capacity to overcome a major soil constraint to crop productivity.
Published Date
14 February 2018

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