UHS11007 - Dissecting chickpea diversity for improved nitrogen fixation

Project Summary

Project Start Date
5 December 2016
Project End Date
27 October 2017
Supervisor Name
Brent Kaiser
University of Sydney
Chickpea nitrogen fixation converts atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia, a form of nitrogen that can be assimilated by the plant. This nitrogen resource permits enhanced productivity on nitrogen depleted soils and delivers soil nitrogen for follow-on crops. Maximising the efficiency of chickpea nitrogen fixation will enhance growth, productivity and contribute to improved long-term nitrogen fertiliser management strategies for other non-nitrogen fixing crops. This project will profile diverse chickpea varieties for variation in nitrogen fixation capacity to identify efficient nodule structure and activity. Identifying efficient varieties will enable genetic dissection and eventual transfer of symbiotic performance to Australian varieites through traditional breeding programs.
Published Date
14 February 2018

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