DAN00153 - Northern NSW Safflower Evaluation and Seed Increase

Project Summary

Project Start Date
16 November 2017
Project End Date
31 December 2017
Supervisor Name
Guy McMullen
NSW Department of Industry
Safflower has been selected as the crop platform for the outputs of the GRDC's Crop Biofactories Initiative (CBI) which will deliver plants with oil compositions that can replace petroleum as a feedstock in petrochemical production. Safflower is currently a small crop in Australia and is not supported by a dedicated breeding effort. There are therefore limited safflower varieties available to growers in Australia. The GRDC has sourced a number of safflower genotypes with promising agronomic and quality attributes from public germplasm collections. As part of this GRDC project NSW DPI will grow these lines for pure seed increase and evaluation at the Australian Cotton Research Institute in Narrabri in the 2011 cropping season. This will identify possible genotypes with adaptation, disease resistance and approximate yielding ability for northern NSW farming systems.In 2012-2013 NSW DPI will continue the pure seed increase and evaluation at the ACRI in Narrabri. In addition to the seed increase and agronomic notes preliminary agronomy trials will be conducted to assess yield potential as well as the impact of sowing time on yield potential and oil content and fatty acid profile.NSW DPI will organise and facilitate industry development meetings between project staff of the CBI with growers and advisors in northern NSW. These meetings will identify industry perspectives of yield potential, rotational fit and knowledge gaps that need further research and development.
Published Date
20 August 2015

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