DAV00116 - Stepping up grain production in the GRS of Southern Australia.

Project Summary

Project Start Date
11 November 2017
Project End Date
31 December 2017
Supervisor Name
Penny Riffkin
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
National, South

This project is designed to increase productivity for the grains industry by lifting crop production in the High Rainfall Zone (HRZ) of south-eastern Australia. Growers are generally relying on unadapted cultivars and management practices adopted from lower-rainfall cropping regions in Australia or from other HRZs in the world. As a result, crop yields in the HRZ are only a third to a half of their estimated potential. An increase in productivity from this region could potentially provide an additional $1.2 billion to the industry and spread the risk of production. Achieving grain yields closer to the estimated potential will come through the identification of wheat and canola traits specifically targeting the HRZ. Such traits are likely to include optimum phase durations in the crop life cycle and canopy architecture.

Once identified, breeders will be able to incorporate traits into breeding programs to provide cultivars that are better adapted to the environment. Additional improvements in grain yield, stability and profits to growers will be achieved through tailored management practices specific to the new traits.

Field experiments and modelling will be used to help better understand the impacts of genotype (G), environment (E - climate and soils) and management (M) on crop production. An improved understanding of the G x E x M interactions will assist advisors and growers to make decisions relating to the timing of operations and the application of inputs by ensuring that resource supply is matched with crop demand.

This will result in a more predictable yield response to inputs which will improve profits for growers and reduce off-site environmental impacts such as runoff, emissions and leaching.

The objectives of the project are to:

    1. identify traits associated with high grain yields in canola and wheat and to test these traits under field conditions over a range of locations.
    2. better understand the impacts of the environment (climate and soils) and management on crop production in the HRZ through field experiments and modelling.

communicate these findings to breeders and agronomists so they can provide more robust cultivars or management recommendations to growers.

Published Date
16 March 2018

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