DAW00218 - Wheat agronomy - building system profitability in the Western Region

Project Summary

Project Start Date
1 July 2011
Project End Date
30 June 2014
Supervisor Name
David Ferris
Department of Agriculture and Food Western Austra

The success of this project will be measured by the number of growers who access and use decision support tools that improve knowledge and skills and the number of workshops and field day events that improve their motivation (aspiration and attitude) to investigate, adopt and manage wheat varieties important to their system.

This project will provide decision-support information annually to improve the profitability of wheat growers in WA.

This information illustrating cropping practices required to manage risks to production and meet market demand will be delivered to no less than 5,000 growers and 1,500 industry representatives.

This State-wide project will undertake field trials that investigate practices required to profitably manage and manipulate crop environments typical of WA. These will include field trials that provide Environment x Management packages to address potential weaknesses within current elite varieties. Weed competitiveness and trace element toxicity thresholds of these varieties will also be evaluated.

The following decision-support tools will be developed, evaluated and improved using data derived from the field trials and existing information:

    1. 'Flower Power', to predict the effect of management and environment on the phenology of new varieties and risk of frost and terminal drought.
    2. 'My Variety Selector', a lucid based tool to support informed decision on variety selection.

These tools will be 'road tested' with 100 growers and 50 advisers annually. This aims to capture feedback, improve awareness and assist in grower/adviser capacity development.

The information and outputs of the project that support grower decisions on variety selection and management practices will be communicated to growers and advisers.

Evaluation will measure effectiveness of the communication and extension activities and focus method of delivery to ensure that at least 2,000 WA wheat growers are aware of project results and no less than 100 examples of on-farm practice change are recorded.

Published Date
1 November 2016

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