ARN00001 - Support of the Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group

Project Summary

Project Start Date
30 June 2013
Project End Date
30 June 2018
Supervisor Name
Andrew Storrie

Since the first case of resistance to glyphosate found in annual ryegrass in 1996 there has been a steady increase in the number of sites being found. At the time of writing Australia has six weed species with populations confirmed resistant to glyphosate. There has been a subsequent swing to increased use of paraquat which inceases the likelihood of paraquat resistance.

The Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group (AGSWG) is a unique group drawn from all sectors of Australian agricultural including government, universities, chemical companies and agribusiness. It aims to promote the sustainable use of non-selective herbicides.

This project will provide on-going support for the AGSWG. Activities will include a group meeting at least twice a year and the production of media releases and a range of extension material relevant to all sections of agriculture including cropping, horticulture and forestry. The AGSWG web site will be maintained and updated, making it the prime point of contact for all information on the status and management of resistance to non-selective herbicides. An active chair and committee ensure that up-to-date relevant outputs are produced and extended.

Published Date
20 August 2015

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