GCS10593 - Conference Sponsorship - Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation

Project Summary

Project Start Date
2 December 2013
Project End Date
4 December 2013
Supervisor Name
Jay Katupitiya
University Of New South Wales
The benefits to Australian grain industry will be mainly engineering, especially, engineering innovation in broad acre farming. An involvement of GRDC will broaden the awareness of research issues GRDC considers as important. There is a serious lack of connection between the researchers in the areas of Robotics, Automation and Engineering and the grain growers, due to grain growing being a traditionally agronomical trade. As it move towards automation and possibly fully autonomous intelligent field operations, a stronger bond between GRDC and this research community becomes invaluable. In particular, this conference will address issues such as autonomous guidance of field vehicles, small scale light weight aircraft control for sensing and advanced control systems for controlling robotic as well as non-robotic sensor based systems. It will provide a perspective on the state of the art in robotics and automation research.
Published Date
20 August 2015

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