SDI00013 - Extension of amelioration methods to address non-wetting soils in the Albany and Kwinana West port zones of WA

Final Report

Project Start Date
1 June 2013
Project End Date
30 June 2014
Supervisor Name
Julianne Hill
GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions
Contact name
Julianne Hill
Contact phone
08 9726 1307

GRDC invested in the Regional Cropping Solutions Network (RCSN) in 2011 with the primary aim to identify local research, development and extension priorities. There are five RCSNs across the Western Region, which have been divided on a port zone basis with two in Kwinana (Kwinana East and Kwinana West). The RCSN consists of a mix of over 70 growers and industry professionals who meet formally twice per year to discuss research, development and extension priorities.

Non-wetting has been identified by the RCSNs as having a significant impact on productivity. The RCSN
members have recognised that non-wetting is limiting yield and that it is increasing in extent and/or severity across many of the grain growing regions of Western Australia (WA).

In particular, Kwinana West and Albany Port Zone RCSNs are keen to increase grower knowledge on
methods to address non-wetting soils, and would like to see extension of these methods to growers in WA.
To help achieve this, two non-wetting soil bus tours were done, and a booklet was compiled.

The booklet (Combating non-wetting soils) outlines some of the options that WA growers have adopted to manage non-wetting soils on their properties (see Attachment).

Published Date
14 November 2017

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