PRI00002 - Tactical use of nitrogen in canola to manage risk and include break crops in northern Wimmera

Final Report

Project Start Date
1 March 2012
Project End Date
31 March 2012
Supervisor Name
Felicity Pritchard
Pritchard Agricultural Consulting and Extension and Wallup Ag Group
Contact name
Felicity Pritchard

The southern Agribusiness Trials Extension Network project with the Wallup Ag Group in 2011 involved undertaking a canola trial, demonstration, field day and forum with trade displays ('Expo') and attendance at the AOF oilseed supply chain academy.

The trial improved our understanding of nitrogen management in canola in the medium rainfall zone. It also gives growers knowledge of how to reduce fertiliser rates in canola - below the old 'rule of thumb' rates - without costing yield through timely application. As nitrogen is the single biggest input cost, at least for OP canola, lower rates reduces some of the financial risk associated with growing canola in an unpredictable climate. The cost of growing canola and other break crops, combined with unreliable yields in dry years, has been a major deterrent for growing canola in the drought in the northern Wimmera.

The Expo attracted more than 70 people and served to raise the confidence in growing canola in the northern Wimmera and bring growers up to speed on new developments since the onslaught of the drought, which decimated canola plantings in the area in the early 2000s. It focussed on overcoming the barriers of canola production, and a technical update for growers who have dropped canola from the rotation. The emphasis was on tactics to manage risk, while covering the basics for growers who have not grown canola for a number of years.

The Expo also included new aspects of canola agronomy (new research findings) and New Products, e.g. Roundup Ready®# canola, juncea canola, hybrids.

Information generated from the trial and provided at the Expo has been published in the local media, Ground Cover and the International Plant Nutrition website.

Published Date
29 October 2018

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