AEG00004 - Workshop to research and develop methodologies for the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from canola

Final Report

Project Start Date
30 November 2013
Project End Date
30 June 2014
Supervisor Name
Ross Kingwell
Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre
Contact name
Ross Kingwell
Contact phone
08 9368 3225

Over the past five years, 47% of Australia's canola exports have been to the European Union (EU). Due to policy changes in the EU, the Australian canola industry must satisfy new EU reporting requirements that Australian canola provides greenhouse gas (GHG) emission savings of at least 50% (compared to emissions from use of mineral diesel), if exports to the EU are to continue after 2016. This project helped fund a national workshop to map out an industry response.

It is possible to generate the information required by the EU reporting methodologies.

It is recommended GRDC and other funders support the proposed project that has arisen as a result of the national workshop in order to deliver nationally consistent data sets and procedures compliant with the EU reporting methodologies.


Australia's canola industry must assess the feasibility of using an EU approved reporting methodology and determine the costs and benefits of using such a methodology. Failure to use such a methodology will restrict or prevent the future use of Australian canola for EU biodiesel production. The issues for action are:
(i) Establish what EU approved methodologies are likely to be most relevant to Australia's canola industry.
(ii) Decide who should lead, develop, implement and maintain that methodology.
(iii) Initiate an economic appraisal of the merits of using an EU approved methodology.

In response to these issues, it was proposed that a national workshop be held for the canola industry's key stakeholders at which these important issues be discussed in order to formulate an industry plan of action. GRDC support for this workshop was sought in order that key researchers and experts knowledgeable about EU approved methodologies be participants, along with others knowledgeable about the measurement of emissions and auditable reporting protocols.

Thirteen stakeholders participated in a national workshop on July 9, 2014. The list of attendees included Ross Kingwell (Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC)), Nick Goddard (Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF)), Ingrid Roth (ROTH Rural (NSW)), Aaron Simmons (New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI)), Tim Grant (Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd (Victoria (VIC))), Sandra Eady (CSIRO (Armidale, NSW)), Wahidul Biswas (Curtin University), Jon Slee (Grain Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) and Oilseed & Protein Solutions), Ian Longson (GIWA and former Department of Agriculture and Food, WA (DAFWA) Director-General), Alexandra Edwards (DAFWA), James Saunders (SGS Australia Pty Ltd (VIC)), Sally Porter (AgWorld and formerly CBH), and Peter Elliott (AEGIC and formerly CBH).

Presentations were made by Ross Kingwell, Nick Goddard (for EU methods) and Sandra Eady. The workshop ran for more than three hours and generated much discussion and interaction. The principal outcome of the workshop was the identification of a research team and project that would deliver information required to satisfy the forthcoming EU reporting requirements regarding emissions saving.

A project proposal was developed through consultation with several of the attendees at the workshop. The proposal is now being discussed with potential funders (including GRDC). Preliminary discussions have been held with GRDC, the AOF, AEGIC and DAFWA. The proposed project would be led by CSIRO and involves collaboration with Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd, Meo Solutions and Curtin University.

Additional information


1. Additional background.

2. Canola national workshop findings and action.

Published Date
11 January 2018

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