PBA Varieties and Brochures

In association with Pulse Australia and its commercial seed partners PBA launches its new varieties at targeted pulse field days during the spring field day circuit. This gives growers and advisors the opportunity to view and assess the varieties in their growing regions prior to their availability.

A variety brochure is released with each new PBA variety. The brochures provide information about appropriate agronomic, disease management and disease ratings for each variety. Current versions of all brochures are available via the links below.

The information in the brochures is compiled from agronomic and disease management projects funded by GRDC in conjunction with the PBA partner agencies, combined with yield data from variety trials conducted by both PBA and National Variety Trials (NVT). PBA recognises the contribution of the agronomy and pathology projects in providing information and Pulse Australia for their assistance in publishing the variety brochures.

PBA Variety Brochures



Faba Beans

Field Peas