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Australian Pulse Conference 2016

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Conference Presentations

Day 1 Presentations - Monday 12 September RESEARCH FOCUS





Feed the farm: optimising pulse performance in diverse agro-ecological environments


Vincent Vadez

Linking research disciplines for a more targeted and efficient breeding of legume cultivars for harsh farming environments. 

Day 1 1 Vincent Vadez (PDF 6mb)

Victor Sadras

Understanding and quantifying the drivers of seed yield in pulses.

Day 1 2 Victor Sadras (PDF 5mb)

Peter Hayman

Managing pulses in a variable and changing climate. 

Day 1 3 Peter Hayman (PDF 7mb)

Jens Berger

Building the base: widening the genetic & adaptive diversity of chickpea. 

Day 1 4 Jens Berger (PDF 5mb) 

Liz Farquharson

A report card on the N2-fixation of field pea in southern Australia. 

Day 1 5 Liz Farquharson (PDF 0.9 mb) 

Larn McMurray

Herbicide tolerance to enhance pulses contribution to the farming system. 

Day 1 6 Larn McMurray (PDF 9mb) 

Application of molecular techniques for breeding efficiency


Tony Slater

Application of advanced technologies for pulse improvement through an initiative called PulseBio. 

Day 1 7 Tony Slater (PDF 5mb) 

Rebecca Ford

Structure of the Australian chickpea ascochyta blight population and rist to resistant cultivars. 

Day 1 8 Rebecca Ford (PDF 2mb) 

Matthew Rodda

Validation and implementation of lentil molecular markers for boron tolerance and ascochyta blight resistance. 

Day 1 9 Mathew Rodda (PDF 2mb) 

Murray Sharman

Detection methods for virus diseases of pulse crops in Australia. 

Day 1 10 Murray Sharman (PDF 2mb) 

Brett Williams

Tropical pulses for Queensland. 

Day 1 11 Brett Williams (PDF 4mb) 

Phenotyping for biotic and abiotic stresses


Kirsty Owen

When good pulses turn bad: root-lesion nematodes in the northern grain region of Australia.

Day 1 12 Kirsty Owen (PDF 1mb) 

Audrey Delahunty

Screening for genotypic heat tolerance in lentil.

Day 1 13 Audrey Delahunty (PDF 3mb) 

Rosalind Bueckert

Leaf and canopy traits for heat resistance in field pea.

Day 1 14 Rosalind Bueckert (PDF 7mb) 

Mark Norton

Stratified soil pH reduces faba bean nodulation and production potential.

Day 1 15 Mark Norton (PDF 5mb) 

Lachlan Lake

Negative association between chickpea response to competition and crop yield: phenotypic and genetic analysis.

Day 1 16 Lachlan Lake (PDF 4mb) 

Day 2 Presentations - Tuesday 13 September INDUSTRY FOCUS





Feed the world: harnessing breeding research to increase global pulse production


Bert Vandenberg

Flexibility in breeding to adapt to changing environmental and market conditions.

Day 2 1 Bert Vandenburg (PDF 5mb)

Jeff Paull

History and successes of Pulse Breeding Australia.

Day 2 2 Jeff Paull (PDF 8mb) 

Rex Williams

Research innovations transform mungbeans into "moneybeans".

Day 2 3 Rex williams (PDF 6mb) 

Sam Gourley and Ted Knights

History and development of chickpea in the northern region.

Day 2 4 Ted Knights (PDF 5mb) 

Kristy Hobson

Developing medium to large seeded kabuli chickpeas with early maturity, improved yield and Ascochyta blight resistance for Australian growers.

Day 2 5 Kristy Hobson (PDF 2mb) 

Jason Brand

Opportunities for faba beans in the low rainfall zone Mallee.

Day 2 6 Jason Brand (PDF 3mb) 

Jon Clements

Yield progress and trait variation among Australian narrow leafed lupin cultivars from 1967 to 2016.

Day 2 7 Jon Clements (PDF 1mb) 




Examining the production, trade and consumption of pulses for a sustainable and healthy future.

Tim McGreevy



Murad Al-Katib 
(presented by Peter Wilson)

International pulse trade and impact of international trends for the Australian pulse industry.

Day 2 9 Peter wilson Wilson-For Murad (PDF 5mb)

Ron Storey

Finger on the market pulse.

Day 2 10 Ron StoryTamworth (PDF 1mb)

Michelle Broom

Global food and nutrition trends driving pulse consumption.

Day 2 11 Michelle Broom (PDF 4mb)

Hannah Avery

Technical advantages of pulses in foods for nutritive value.

Day 2 12 Hannah Avery (PDF 4mb)

Darryl Bartelen

Pulses in sustainable farming systems.

Day 2 13 Darryl Bartelen (PDF 0.6mb)

Brad Coleman


Day 2 14 Brad coleman (PDF 4mb)