GroundCover™ Direct Catalogue contains the latest GRDC publications and products that are available in hard copy. Browse all available hard copy publications in the PDF catalogue below and use the order form provided on the last page.

How to order publications

Select the publication title and the order code for each publication you wish to order from the PDF catalogue and place your order by phone, fax, email or post.

GRDC has partnered with CanPrint to deliver hard copy publications to you. There are several methods to order GRDC publications from CanPrint:

Free Phone: 1800 11 00 44

Free Fax: 1800 00 99 88 (Please use the order form on the last page of GroundCover™ Direct Catalogue)


Post: GroundCover™ Direct, PO Box 7456, Canberra MC ACT 2610 (Please use the order form in GroundCover™ Direct Catalogue)