Applying PA

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A reference guide for the modern practitioner

Precision Agriculture is the precise application of agronomic and management practices that impact positively in overall farm productivity and profitability. 

Growers need to manage their operation to maximise whole-farm profit not just yield and the use of PA tools on-farm is the key to achieving this. 

This reference guide identifies and describes a common-sense approach to utilise the available spatially based technology to develop and apply commercially appropriate, management and agronomic decisions. 

Growers in the northern grains region and consultants across Australia have identified a proportion of this text content as applications of PA that they want to know more about. Alternatively other applications of spatial tools are similar to a case study. 

GRDC’s investment portfolio is helping to increase the adoption of PA through training and projects developing resources that fill the knowledge gap between research and commercial application of PA on-farm.

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Brooke Sauer, Precision Cropping Technologies Pty Ltd; Tasha Wells, Site Specific Software Solutions; Michael Wells, Precision Cropping Technologies Pty Ltd; Tim Neale,; Andrew Smart, Precision Cropping Technologies Pty Ltd; With contributions from Frank D’Emden, Precision Agronomics Australia Pty Ltd.

November 2013