'In GRAINS' Investing in Young Scientists

In GRAINS Investing in Young Scientists

The Australian grains industry is a multibillion dollar industry producing over 40 million tonnes of grain for domestic and export markets. Wheat is in the top 10 most valuable exports for Australia and wheat is just one of 25 grain crops grown in Australia.

To produce grain crops that continue to meet market demands in an ever changing climate, Australia needs a highly skilled and motivated workforce, including growers, advisers,researchers and managers. Currently, it has been identified there are more experienced people reaching retirement age than are joining the industry.

This publication not only illustrates the type of projects undertaken by students supported by the GRDC but also shows the skills they developed and the value they gained from their links to an industry body. It also demonstrates the breadth of scientific knowledge these students add to the grains industry via peer reviewed journal articles and conference papers.

All the quotes in this publication are from students who have been involved with these capacity building projects in the past few years. We have followed the students into their current careers and the majority have remained associated with the Australian grains industry and are playing significant roles in its on-going success. While many have remained in research roles others have moved into banking, patent law, agronomy and farming.

The Australian grains industry offers a dynamic environment; where new research is taken-up by 1000’s of grain growers to help feed the world’s growing population.

Sue Knights (SE Knights Consulting), Emma Leonard (AgriKnowHow)


April 2015