Canola Hay and Silage Factsheet

Published: 24 Sep 2010

Canola Hay and Silage Fact Sheet

Western and Southern regions

Making the most of a failed canola crop

Canola crops that fail due to drought, frost, poor pod set or low grain set can be cut as silage or hay. With the correct management a failed grain crop can be salvaged as quality forage.

Key Points

  • Canola hay and silage can be made from failed crops to cover production costs and is sometimes a profitable venture. 
  • The quality of canola hay and silage can vary enormously; quality testing is suggested before feeding to livestock. 
  • Before cutting, chemical withholding periods must have expired. 
  • Canola hay is best cut at late flowering and conditioned. 
  • Markets for canola hay can be unstable. 
  • Canola hay and silage can be fed to all types of ruminant livestock as long as precautions are taken when introduced to their diet.
  • Salvaging calculators can assist growers with failed crops. 
  • Hay and silage remove more soil nutrients than grain crops.

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