Slug control: Slug identification and management

Published: 4 Mar 2013

Slug control: slug identification and management fact sheet thumbnail image

In the higher rainfall zones where zero till and stubble retention is practiced, slugs are an increasing problem. As no single control method will provide complete protection, an integrated approach is best.

Key points

  • Slugs need moisture and shelter to thrive. Cool wet summers and an abundance of stubble provide ideal conditions.
  • Moisture availability is a key regulator of slug populations. ––
  • The grey field slug, or reticulated slug, and black keeled slug are the main pest species, but brown field slugs can also pose a serious threat.
  • No single control method will be completely effective; an integrated approach is needed.

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GRDC Project Code DAS00127, CSE00046

Region National, North, South, West

Region: National; North; South; West