Spring-Sown Winter Canola

Published: 16 Jan 2015

Spring Sown Canola Fast Sheet coverpage

Spring-sown canola provides grazing without losing yield

Recent trials have shown that spring sowing of winter canola can provide increased returns compared to a summer fallow.

Key Points:

  • Summer cropping can increase revenue, reduce risk, provide stock grazing and deliver indirect benefits such as improving the ability of the crop to survive waterlogging or slug infestations.
  • Traditional summer crops include sorghum, sunflowers, corn and lucerne. Trials have shown that spring sowing of winter canola can also provide positive results.
  • ––In recent trials, the spring-sown winter canola provided comparable or higher yields than the autumn-sown crop, even when the canola was grazed over summer.
  • ––Options to fit spring-sown canola in a farming system include following an oaten hay or manure crop, into a fallow, or in mixed-farming by incorporating a grain crop into a pasture renovation program.

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