Redlegged earth mite RMS – Western Australia

Eastern RLEM

Resistance management strategy for the redlegged earth mite in Australian grains and pastures in Western Australia

Key points

  • The redlegged earth mite (RLEM) is an important pest of germinating crops and pastures across Westerrn Australia.
  • Four chemical sub-groups are registered to control RLEM in grain crops: organophosphates (Group 1B); synthetic pyrethroids (Group 3A); phenylpyrazoles (Group 2B); and neonicotinoids (Group 4A). The latter two are registered only for use as seed treatments.
  • Insecticide resistance in RLEM is presently confined to Western Australia. There are high levels of resistance to pyrethroids within WA populations; resistance to organophosphates has also recently evolved.
  • A strategy to manage insecticide resistance in RLEM populations is available for use by grain growers and their advisers. The strategy varies across regions to be most effective.

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