• Pythium Root Rot

    21 Aug 2016

    The impact of Pythium can be felt throughout the growing season, not just at crop emergence, resulting in yield reductions in cereal, brassica and pulse crops and in pastures. Research has now identified that crop rotation can have a big influence on the pathogen and disease expression.

  • Farm Financial Tool: Cash Flow Budget Fact Sheet

    21 Aug 2016

    How do I know if my business has adequate funds?Maintaining strong control of the cash flow means planning (estimating) and monitoring the cash flow. Many farmers and banks would say cash flow is KING and that is why a cash flow budget is so important!

  • 2017 Tips and Tactics: Reducing Herbicide Damage

    8 Apr 2017

    Tips and tactics on identifying suitable conditions for spraying and reducing off-target drift from summer fallow spraying in cotton crops.

  • Tips and Tactics: Cereal Cyst Nematode, 2017

    8 Apr 2017

    This Tips and Tactics focuses on Rotations and resistant varieties vital for controlling cereal cyst nematode (CCN).

  • Irrigated Wheat: Disease Management in Irrigated Wheat

    10 Jul 2017

    Good disease management has an important role in maximising yield and quality in irrigated wheat crops.

  • Tips and Tactics: Legumes and Nitrogen Fixation

    19 Jul 2017

    For the current legume crop to gain nitrogen (N), and to increase soil N for future rotations, legumes need to be adequately nodulated by root nodule bacteria (rhizobia).

  • Crown rot in winter cereals

    21 Aug 2016

    Rotations, observations and testing key to crown rot control. Three top tips to stop crown rot: rotate crops, observe plants for browning at the base of tillers and teststubble and soil.

  • Resistance Management Strategy For Diamondback Moth In Australian Canola

    24 Jul 2017

    Canola can tolerate considerable leaf damage before causing yield loss, however severe infestations can cause complete defoliation and yield losses of up to 80 per cent in canola.

  • Assessing your personal and business needs

    15 Sep 2017

    Having the right farm business model for your personal and business needs in place is the first step to building a more profitable farm. Read the Farm Business Models Fact Sheet now.

  • Farm business management: Making it work with different personalities

    15 Sep 2017

    Understanding personality types within your family and business can assist considerably in achieving effective communication and management. Use this fact sheet to help effective communication.

  • Making good farm-expansion decisions

    2 Oct 2017

    Farm expansion involves increasing business scale to become larger, more productive or more profitable. Expand your farm, get the Fact Sheet now.

  • Determining the optimum level of investment in harvest machinery

    2 Oct 2017

    Are you considering contracting or owning your own machine? This Fact Sheet will help you decide.

  • Personal Property Security Register – assisting growers to manage credit risk

    2 Oct 2017

    This Fact Sheet is an important tool for grain growers who are selling or buying grain, equipment and engaging in other farm business transactions. Read about Personal Property Security Register to manage your risk.

  • Documenting a contract harvest agreement – what you need to know

    2 Oct 2017

    Documenting a contract harvest agreement – what the farm business manager needs to know to get

  • Establishing or transitioning to an appropriate business structure

    2 Oct 2017

    Is it time to make a change to your business structure? Use this Fact Sheet to know the right time and what change to make.

  • Resistance Management Strategy for the Green Peach Aphid in Australia Grains

    21 Aug 2016

    In Australia, the green peach aphid (GPA), Myzus persicae, primarily attacks canola and pulse crops, as well as being a common pest in horticulture. This fact sheet outlines the resistance management strategy for GPA.

  • Sunflower nutrition

    21 Aug 2016

    Crop nutrition is a vital management consideration for profitable sunflower production. Getting the rightbalance and supply of nutrients will maximise sunflower yield and oil quality.

  • Key Financial Ratios

    21 Aug 2016

    Understanding your key financial ratios helps manage your farm business sustainability.As farm businesses become more sophisticated and owners strive ever harder to improve profitability and create wealth, the move beyond simple measures of physical production to whole business analysis is gaining momentum. The use of financial ratio and benchmark analysis has become increasingly popular with progressive farm business operators in recent years.

  • Peanut off-flavours

    21 Aug 2016

    In 2008, earthy, musty off-flavours were detected in peanuts in North Queensland, which led to over $1 million of product downgrades. The problem has not been recorded, or studied, anywhere else in the world except North Queensland. GRDC-funded research has discovered the major cause of this off-flavour contamination. The GRDC has developed guidelines for a number of pre-harvest and post-harvest practices to minimise the risk.