• Are you a good labour manager? fact sheet

    27 Aug 2016

    Employing and managing staff can be a daunting prospect. Many farmers end up as labour managers by default.However, there are some key practices that can be followed to ensure positive outcomes for all involved.

  • Barley powdery mildew control strategies

    27 Aug 2016

    A combination of resistant varieties, good plant health and effective fungicides is required to prevent economic losses from powdery mildew outbreaks in barley.

  • Mixing requirements for spraying operations

    27 Aug 2016

    Correct mixing order reduces the risk of products interacting in a way that may reduce their efficacy or affect the stability of the tank mix.

  • Grain Storage: Dealing with high-moisture grain

    27 Aug 2016

    Grain at typical harvest temperatures of 25–30°C and moisture content greater than 13–14 per cent provides ideal conditions for mould and insect growth. There are a number of ways to deal with high-moisture grain — the key is to act quickly and effectively.

  • Crop Nutrition Phosphorus Management Fact Sheet

    27 Aug 2016

    Phosphorus (P) fertiliser represents a substantial input cost in cropping systems. Soil testing provides an understanding of your fertility profile and is a vital step in making informed fertiliser decisions. Addressing low subsoil phosphorus (P) levels by soil testing and deep placement of P can bring yield increases across multiple cropping seasons.

  • Wheat Rust - Northern, Southern and Western Regions

    27 Aug 2016

    Stripe rust, Stem rust and Leaf rust. Tips and Tactics for addressing these fungal diseases.

  • Grain Storage Fact Sheet: Performance testing aeration systems

    27 Aug 2016

    Aerating grain in storage creates cool, uniform moisture conditions throughout the grain bulk. Cool grain temperatures slow or stop insect pest development and maintain grain quality.A simple device called an ‘A-Flow’ has been developed to measure the air-flow rate of an aeration system to check its performance.

  • Farm Labour: Recruiting and inducting new employees

    27 Aug 2016

    Employing people is a great privilege and starting a new job is almost always a significant time for the employee. Selecting, engaging and inducting well will set the scene for a productive, positive and ongoing arrangement between both parties.

  • Is machinery syndication a good fit for your business?

    27 Aug 2016

    Access to machinery for use in your farm business can be secured by either owning, hiring, contracting or syndication. Each approach has its own pros and cons that make it best suited to a particular financial and production situation. What do you need to consider to determine if machinery syndication is right for your farm business?

  • Grain Storage Fact Sheet: Grain Storage Pest Control Guide

    27 Aug 2016

    The tolerance for live pests in grain sold off farm is nil. With growers increasing the amount of grain stored on farm, an integrated approach to pest control is crucial.

  • Managing frost risk - Northern Southern and Western Regions

    27 Aug 2016

    Managing frost risk - Northern, Southern and Western Regions

  • Crown Rot in Cereals Fact Sheet - Southern & Western Regions

    27 Aug 2016

    Understanding the disease underpins effective management Assess crown rot risk in paddocks by checking crops for browning of the stem base or by taking soil and stubble samples for analysis. Don’t rely on whiteheads as an indicator.

  • Grain Storage Fact Sheet: Stored Grain Pests Identification

    27 Aug 2016

    In a deregulated grain market, on-farm storage is now more popular then ever before. But finding insects crawling up the sides of your grain hopper while loading a truck is frustrating and costly to manage. Regular monitoring and correct pest identification are the first steps to ensure delivery of insect-free grain to market.

  • Farm business management – Taking care of your personal health

    27 Aug 2016

    Farming can be physically demanding, however with the increased use of machinery and technology it is no longer the active occupation it once was. Looking after your health is important for you, your family and your business. Can you afford to risk time off because of a serious illness or injury?

  • Farm business management: farmer health – building emotional resilience

    27 Aug 2016

    Emotional resilience is the willingness and capacity to accept that there will be good and bad times ahead, and to understand your reactions to these experiences and have strategies to manage them.

  • Grain Storage Fact Sheet: Hygiene and structural treatments for grain storages

    27 Aug 2016

    When it comes to controlling pests in stored grain — prevention is better than cure. Grain residues in storages or older grain stocks held over from last season provide ideal breeding sites. Meticulous grain hygiene combined with structural treatments, such as diatomaceous earth (DE), can play a key role in reducing the number of stored grain pests.

  • Nitrogen fixation and N benefits of chickpeas and faba beans in northern farming systems

    27 Aug 2016

    Northern grain growers sowed about 450,000 hectares of chickpeas and 30,000 hectares of faba beans in 2012, resulting in the fixation of about 35,000 tonnes of nitrogen (N) worth $55 million in fertiliser N equivalence.

  • Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    29 Sep 2016

    Improved Grain Yields From Best Practice Cropping Can Benefit Soil Carbon and Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

  • Cereal fungicides (All regions)

    21 Aug 2016

    Understanding foliar fungal diseases of cereals and how to manage them is in the interests of both the individual and the grains industry as a whole.

  • Business structures explained

    14 Nov 2016

    Factors such as taxes, creditors, expansion, retirement and a desire to leave a generational legacy means most farming families adopt a relatively complex business structure over time. There are several considerations to decide what business structure is most appropriate to your farming business.