• Cost effective investment in machinery

    14 Nov 2016

    Substantial gains in farm productivity and efficiency in recent years can be linked to improvements in machinery capacity and technology

  • Business structure: things you should know and ask your adviser

    14 Nov 2016

    Farming families rarely change or adopt new business structures without receiving advice from their accountant, farm adviser or lawyer. While the provision of advice on matters within their areas of expertise is the role of advisers, there is an obligation on those receiving the advice to carefully consider the advice received and use the information received to make decisions.

  • Employing seasonal labour for Western Australia's grain industry

    14 Nov 2016

    As primary production in Western Australia has evolved and technology has progressed, the need for full-time equivalent (FTE) staff has continued to decline, and that smaller pool of workers is needed to do increasingly sophisticated tasks.

  • Farm business models – why consider a change

    11 Mar 2017

    Alternative farm business models can enhance profitability, provide more effective risk management and assist with business succession.

  • Diamondback moth

    21 Aug 2016

    Crop monitoring from July onwards is key to making effective decisions for controlling diamondback moth.

  • Sunflower Disease

    21 Aug 2016

    Phomopsis Stem Canker in sunflower This emerging disease issue is being caused by several previously unrecorded species of Phomopsis that are highly virulent on sunflower.

  • Biochar Factsheet

    21 Aug 2016

    In some soil types biochar has the potential to enhance soil fertility, increase soil carbon storage and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. However, before biochar can be widely adopted in agriculture, better understanding is needed of its properties and how it interacts – both positively and negatively – with the soil.

  • Stubble Management

    21 Aug 2016

    Conservation farming combines minimum or no tillage, full stubble retention and diverse crop rotations. This has resulted in some challenges at seeding and for crop performance, especially when the stubble load is greater than four tonnes per hectare of dry matter. There are a number of techniques, other than burning, which can be employed to deal with heavy stubble loads. There are many examples of successful full stubble retention systems that achieve excellent crop establishment and weed control. Decisions about...

  • Mouse Management

    21 Aug 2016

    Mouse numbers can build rapidly in the right conditions, leading to crop damage throughout the growing season. Monitoring and early detection of an increasing mouse population is essential if effective control is to be implemented.

  • Canopy Management

    21 Aug 2016

    Cereal canopy management more than delayed nitrogen Understanding and applying the principles of canopy management, allows decisions on the most profitable use of inputs and the most appropriate target yield to be made.

  • Pythium Root Rot

    21 Aug 2016

    The impact of Pythium can be felt throughout the growing season, not just at crop emergence, resulting in yield reductions in cereal, brassica and pulse crops and in pastures. Research has now identified that crop rotation can have a big influence on the pathogen and disease expression.

  • Farm Financial Tool: Cash Flow Budget Fact Sheet

    21 Aug 2016

    How do I know if my business has adequate funds?Maintaining strong control of the cash flow means planning (estimating) and monitoring the cash flow. Many farmers and banks would say cash flow is KING and that is why a cash flow budget is so important!

  • Tips and Tactics: Cereal Cyst Nematode, 2017

    8 Apr 2017

    This Tips and Tactics focuses on Rotations and resistant varieties vital for controlling cereal cyst nematode (CCN).

  • Irrigated Wheat: Disease Management in Irrigated Wheat

    10 Jul 2017

    Good disease management has an important role in maximising yield and quality in irrigated wheat crops.

  • Tips and Tactics: Legumes and Nitrogen Fixation

    19 Jul 2017

    For the current legume crop to gain nitrogen (N), and to increase soil N for future rotations, legumes need to be adequately nodulated by root nodule bacteria (rhizobia).

  • Crown rot in winter cereals

    21 Aug 2016

    Rotations, observations and testing key to crown rot control. Three top tips to stop crown rot: rotate crops, observe plants for browning at the base of tillers and teststubble and soil.

  • Resistance Management Strategy For Diamondback Moth In Australian Canola

    24 Jul 2017

    Canola can tolerate considerable leaf damage before causing yield loss, however severe infestations can cause complete defoliation and yield losses of up to 80 per cent in canola.

  • Assessing your personal and business needs

    15 Sep 2017

    Having the right farm business model for your personal and business needs in place is the first step to building a more profitable farm. Read the Farm Business Models Fact Sheet now.

  • Farm business management: Making it work with different personalities

    15 Sep 2017

    Understanding personality types within your family and business can assist considerably in achieving effective communication and management. Use this fact sheet to help effective communication.