Narrow Windrow Burning in Southern NSW The Good the Bad the Ugly


Is Narrow Windrow Burning the answer to harvest weed seed management in southern NSW? Growers have shown that it def’initely works (although heavy cereal stubbles are risky) and apart from labour costsit’s inexpensive. However... time commitments to burn, f’ire restrictions, smoke levels and reduced ground cover are all conf’licting factors. 

In 2014, Grassroots Agronomy received funding through the GRDC Agribusiness Trial Extension Network initiative to have a closer look at Narrow Windrow Burning (NWB) in southern NSW. There were already a few early adopters in the region, primarily due to the successes being achieved in Western Australia where NWB is commonly used to manage weed seeds at harvest.

Although the data on weed reduction from WA was clear (99% control of annual ryegrass and wild radish seeds collected at harvest, AHRI2007), there was still some hesitation regarding the practicality of NWB in higher yielding systems of southern NSW.

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